12 July 2013


My jaw is clenched, my mouth is dry – that tingle in the nape of my neck – the zap to the brain pan. This is the real McCoy, the ultimate hit, straight from your lips to my soul. Once upon a time I was a little whore – now I’m a great big star. I’m feeling loose and lucky – there’s only love in my heart. There is a love beyond love, beyond everything – bigger than the sky deeper than the soul. I have the connection stashed in my shoe.
I felt the worm in my head offer me new directions in cynicism. I’m still in two minds as to which course is my true reflection. Once a beggar now a chooser – doing what I think I have to do. Let me take you higher. You could be my best pal – I’d hold you up when you fell down. You could be the one that straightens my hair. We’d make a beautiful team, if you get what I mean. The world would wait on our next move while we steered the moon and sun with dead reckoning and potent gravity. Breathe it in, the new air, this world has really just begun and we are the children of vaulted horizons. I think that I’ve been waiting. I think that you’re the one. When you’ve lost all of your friends, you’ll still have me – I want to be your gun.


  1. WOW! "I want to be your gun"

    I love your writing and I adore your face

    1. I'm so glad you like it - I was inspired by my wife.