21 June 2013

Charlie says…


Charlie hits home
With the cool rush
Floors the accelerator
With the deftest touch
My heart is a jackhammer
I’m coming up fast
And e x p a n d i n g out
Into the crystalline haze
Chain lightning strikes
And it feels so good
The spirit of ecstasy
Enfolds me from within
Blood blossoms in my brain
Manna for the membrane
Fuel for the ego
I feel like Steve McQueen
I got that showbiz smile
Welcome to God’s country
I found a gold mine
Hiding in my head
I’m dripping nuggets
All over the place
My poison is named
You know what kind
I need another hit
To feed my mind


  1. Superbly styled and tectonic in all it's cultural significance

    1. Fond memories and bitter recollections of days gone by my dear Lolita. Thank you for your kind comment.

  2. Praveen Parasar21 June 2013 at 16:46

    so musical... you should try to put music with these, it would sound perfect...

    1. I think JJ Cale beat me to it . Thank you Praveen.