27 April 2013



It’s hard enough to stay afloat

Without a bad wind biting your throat

Tough enough to eat crow

Without an audience

Another night shift winds out

Notebook at my side

Bushwhackers at my back

Irregular forces mass

On the darkest frontier

The fragile mind

The sickened heart

Lays vulnerable in the night

But I’m ready for them

4:20 am

Time for some ethneogenic spiritualism

Slip between the cool clean bed sheets

Soft cotton angels sleep here

Ready to carry my dreams away

The inhalation of fragrant fumes

Lifts the spirit and clears the mind

Flights of angels see me to my rest

The weight of sleep

Draws me down

Into the trance patterns

Of heavy consciousness

And the avenues of oblivion



  1. Praveen Parasar1 May 2013 at 05:02

    such heavy feelings and to pen it down, i like, as usual..

    1. Thank you Praveen - I try to address those difficult emotions

  2. 4:20 my favourite time