9 March 2013

No Harm


In melancholic gloom

Below the visible spectrum

Jealous fingers

Type costly rumours

On sticky keys

Obvious arrangements

Sympathetically bound

To the mother hoard

Supplemented nonsense

Funded by hubris

Their forked tongues

Protest the privilege

Of innocent intention

Soul mimics

And bandaged members

Decoding south

On faulty maps

The muck masked comedy

Of the unthinking pack

Advances declined

Cast wayward stones

The lyric steadily emerging;

The deeper your touch

The higher we fly...

Away from compassing fools

Into the cool clean air

Savoured by those

Who did no harm



  1. Praveen Parasar9 March 2013 at 01:06

    "The deeper your touch
    The higher we fly..." eloquent!

  2. People fear such force that maps the contours of their drives, and now I know why. Your talent is the hardest weapon I ever encountered.