30 March 2013



Its cash on the barrel - you’ll get no tick from the man. Every penny will be scrutinized and he’ll get his cut if you end up on Queer Street. You have a billion to one shot at riches and a life of ease. Only the poor fall for that gag. Lotteries are a tax on dreams - desperation is a one way street. Pipe dreams are just enough to keep the poor hanging in there. For the rest of us there are always drugs. The universal panacea bought in dime bags from your local scum bag.

Scum bags get a bad press, but they perform a necessary civic function. They take what little the man has left you – pick the pennies from your pocket, but you let them because you’re a dope on the ropes. Of course there is always the power of prayer, but it’s the power of hard cash that rules this planet. So you may as well store up your treasures in the next world – you’ll only get short changed in this one.



  1. Good Lord you struck all the cords. We sell the golden land for the rotten junk every day willingly