19 August 2012



I’ll have his guts for garters

He’ll make me a murderer

I’ll swing for him if I have to

I don’t care for consequences

I’ll bash his tiny brain in

Stick his head on a spike

I’m at the end of my tether

About to cut loose

I’ll slash him, stab him

Throttle and drown him

He’ll be the victim

And I’ll be the fucking monster

I swear I’ll do him in

Just one more word

And I’ll do him in


15 August 2012

Crashing Out


Sometimes I get so low

I start to think about crashing out

All my life I’ve been crashing out

Crashing out of something or other

I get jammed up in situations

So I have to make a change

That’s when I have to crash out

Into a new situation, a new life

When I need help, I need it bad

But there is no help this side of hell

So, I just crash out – make a run for it

I pack my bags and get myself free


12 August 2012



I wanna be stoned

Like the meteor

That crashed into the earth

And killed all the dinosaurs

I wanna be stoned

Like a great muddy river

That flows down the muddy delta

To feed the fishes in the ocean

The juice is good

The booze is so not good

I need a positive stone

Hurled in my direction

Heap me up with manna from heaven

One silver bolt

Would fix you with my meaning

There is no hiding place

From the miracle of creation


10 August 2012


The final blessings of the setting sun
Shine upon the land
Her dying rays
Paint the world gold
The whispering pines
Sway gently in the breeze
The promised night
Creeps cool across our skin
She waxes and wanes
Like the moon
I ebb and flow
Like the tides
We mirror the orbits
Of a billion hidden stars

6 August 2012



We went to the beach on holidays

To Saltcotes or Silver Sands

Paddling and skipping stones

Sand castles and rock pools

The call of the wide blue sea

The ebb and flow of childish dreams

I felt I was growing

Growing with the tide

Those days are long gone

Now I am a man

The waves have left their ripples

Patterned in the sand

And I feel I am growing still

Older with the turning tides


4 August 2012



You can afford to be choosy

Spangled in the head

You have learned to be particular

In the things you choose


How you get your highs

A now and then

Not forever and always

You take a breathing gap

To absorb the contrasts

Between experiences

To savour every nuance

Of the everlasting now

Every shade of being

In the infinite and radiant IS


2 August 2012



I fell from the blue

Blue is the colour of hope

The colour of my escaping

Blue is the colour of birdsong

The colour of home

That golden orb above

Illuminates a planet blue