13 October 2012

The belly of the serpent


There’s cold blood in your veins

And thorns in your flesh

What twisted design was it

That brought you to this place?

Was it your bad karma

Or simply your bad luck?

In the belly of the serpent

They relieve you of your dreams

They’re squeezed from your body

Like bloody tears

They have all the power

But they won’t give you any

They say they have religion

And a God on high above

They say they found redemption

But you can have none

You have the urge to leave

But they tied you down

You’re never going to leave

These people or this town



  1. Good write. It closely depicts the feeling that I had all my life for running away and then anywhere you go you find yourself in the same stew :) It can be interpreted as well as the modern Ouroboros in political and social state of things that press the individual thinker

  2. I'm glad you could identify with the subject Lolita - thank you for your kind comment.