15 October 2012



I saw a supersonic man on TV yesterday. He jumped from 24 miles and reached 800 miles per hour. Every foot of it I was there with him – falling. It took him 9 minutes to reach the ground. I’ve been falling for a lifetime and haven’t landed yet.

What wouldn’t I give for one of those star busting highs. When the universe is under my thumb and I can walk and talk with angels. The flash of light behind every thought from the illuminated mind burns its way throughout eternity. I understand it all, and I am whole.

Anoint my head with the delicacies no drug can match. Make lightning my heels in place of my feet of clay. Give me wings where I had roots buried in the earth. Let me borrow the sun for a crown – if only for an hour to dally with the stars. Give me one last high free from all chemical restraint.

I want to hold the world in my hands and hold her like a lover; to feel it all – to be it all. It’s only a feeling, but what a feeling. It’s all an illusion, but such an illusion. As light thickens, so dawns the realisation of the infinite – so close within my grasp, but as I reach for it – it fades away.



  1. Ecstatic writing, full, bursting with the substance the great adventurers, the Rimbauds of this word leaped for

  2. You are too kind, but thank you. I tried to convey the feeling of that manic high, but the art eludes me.