26 July 2012

Wake Up Call


This is my wake-up call

A psychoactive breakfast

And my morning is unfolding

Another wasted day awaits me

Time is my only enemy

She has wounded me fatally

My glass intentions shatter

Into fragments of loss

But I don’t care for that

I already paid the cost

This is how I get my ya ya’s

Messing with the ha ha’s

Tiny people are moved

To giant purpose

Obscured by time

Rocks are pounded to sand

By her relentless course

Entwined in her web

Our days are numbered

And the number is small

It’s easy to see

With eyes half closed

(Lids are heavy still)

Hypno cogs and wheels

The machinery of the whole

That tangle of form and purpose

Seems so simple to me now

But what it means to be human

Is left unresolved



  1. And this is a good breakfast for the one that can wake up, substantial food for thought...and action. I admire your style