21 July 2012



We built a bridge to the sun

To discover brand new lands

In the kingdom of the heart

But those were chocolate dreams

Which melted as the day wore on

History does not linger long

And there is no moral to our tale

There is nothing to be learned

From our mistakes

But that mistakes were made

And will be made again



  1. this has such truth. we are told in school that history class is a requirement, as to learn to not repeat the bad from the past. yet the leaders of countries (or even smaller) the leaders of organizations will repeat the horrid nonsense from the past. mistakes are made and remade, no matter what. there really is nothing to learn if the lessons are not acted upon.
    very well written, once again.

  2. So directly expressed the simplicity of our mechanisms of trial and error, our stubborn attempts to fallow patterns

  3. We are doomed to screw up - it's our biological imperative - but what a ride!