7 June 2012



the weight    the rhythm     the cadence of the word as it hits the page     a cymbal’s clash     the rap of the snare     the thud of a bass drum    all qualitative judgment in the eye of the beholder    in the mind of the reader    is this some kind of sandwich?    is there sustenance in words?   can they fill me up?       I’m fit to burst with the teeming   spilling    explosion of it    out there in the world there are tiny silences    little gaps begging to be filled      in here there’s a cacophony of sound and colour screaming to get out      my head is a rain forest     a train station     an ocean     a tsunami    waiting to burst onto the snow white page


image “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai.


  1. It excited me immensely. One of your finest. I felt it in my belly.

  2. https://www.artsy.net/artist/katsushika-hokusai