21 June 2012

Star Caster

I cut the sky down to my size and wrap it round my head so that I can circumnavigate the stratosphere in under a minute. All I have to do is turn around like a goldfish in a bowl.
At night the stars come out and I can just about reach them with a shaky hand. Someday I’ll pocket them and sew them into my coat – my galaxy of a coat. I’ll shine like the Milky Way and I’ll sprinkle stars along my path so that I don’t have to step on the ground. You will see where I’ve been written in the heavens. I’ll make an ocean of stars to ebb and flow; its waves will collapse with exquisite elegance on mankind’s shores and the beauty of it will take their breaths away. Yes, I will cast the stars in patterns never seen and they will shine for me through all eternity.

1 comment:

  1. You have this shine about the size of an ocean of astral universes, and you have this way of spilling it on the reader. After I feel life and it is poetry