19 June 2012

Death is…


Things you never knew

When you were young

The mysteries of life

The vagaries of death

Sitting on the cold floor

A cold that chills your bones

You know nothing of death

Death is a wax effigy in a coffin

A fallen grandfather in a casket

Death is a baby in a crib

Staring at the ceiling with empty eyes

Death is wading deep into eternity

All the things you will ever feel

Distilled into liquid night

Brought home to you all at once

The sudden realization of nothingness

Down in the pit of tangled darkness

From the valley of no return

Something whispers your name

But it does not understand

It does not even care



  1. May I say, this poem is the precious stone in your repertoire. Something too strong to hold and not shed a tear

    1. I was young, we all are, when that icy cold realisation first gripped my heart. The vultures took flight in my imagination and the innocence of the world died.