11 May 2012



A sea of misgivings

An imperfect storm

The white knuckle ride

On a broken rollercoaster

There’s a knot inside me

And it’s twisting around

I could change my mind

Just like the weather

You never know

Just what you’ll get

Angels and demons

Orbit my crown

Slam my face on the ground

Rocket me into the sky

Directionless in motion

Motionless in direction

I talk a lot

But I don’t say anything

It’s just my rattling head

Echoing my numb thoughts

There’s no explaining nothing

There’s nothing to explain

Bi polar disorder

A disturbance in my brain



  1. It is through direct punch that you introduce the man standing against the forces of nature, and it's hard not to feel the Prometheus powers in it

  2. Lavish praise Lolita - thank you