1 May 2012

Light Up


Light up - Go ahead, it’ll make your day. Light up and take a walk down that miracle mile. Follow the ganja trails that wind like smoke through the back of your mind. Uncoil with the broken symphonies playing in your heart. Revel in the wooly organism that rocks you in its cradle. Your happy head will float serene on a pillow of dreams. Your compass is pointing to happy time, so plot a course for stoned and ease away from your blues. Tomorrow is another time - today is for the dreaming.



  1. Don't stop :) Love the way you seduce and drop the reader in rich smoky labyrinths of hidden wisdom

  2. Mother Gaia's natural meds :-)

  3. Thank you both very much - so glad you enjoyed

  4. Following the ganja trails is not for me: it drove me crazy. Nightmares from the past in stead of dreams.
    But i love this poem a lot. always for the dreaming.....
    Sweet greetz to you.

  5. I guess the mysteries of ganja aren't for everyone, but who really need it? Dreaming is for the dreamers...