8 April 2012


Some thoughts are so fragile that they fall apart under the scantest scrutiny or break up on the breeze like dandelions. Ideas that are hung like gnats can somehow survive epochs and find themselves whispered in the halls of power with the delicacy of beating butterfly wings – if the butterflies were whores and their clients were witless as lambs.
The war on drugs was such an idea. It was as exotic sounding as it was facile. Yes, drugs are evil. On one hand there legal, or good, drugs; such as booze and cigarettes and on the other there are illegal, or evil, drugs; like marijuana and heroin. Yes, evil drugs kill millions of people every year, while good drugs make billions of dollars every year. The facts were there for all the people to see; there was no other course of action left to the government but war!
The war on drugs, like any other war, was really a war on people. Of course the people who were to be exterminated in the war on drugs were secretive, so secretive they did not even know each other! So secretive they could not be found! This was an utter humiliation to a government dedicated to the eradication of drugs – they could not locate a bunch of stoners.
The trend is towards control; the war on drugs is a war on ideas. The whole reeking edifice is dying – herniated and ulcerous in a pandemic of hypochondria. The bastards are trying to take our weapons away - drugs are our last psychic defence. The government are the preparing an invasion; the mediocre are queuing up on the sidelines - just preparing to take our places.

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  1. I have to congratulate you on the powerful speech. Aside my strong and fairly puritan views in this particular sphere, I find your provoking points indefinitely complex in opening the hard dilemmas on control of the private worlds my extreme individualist inclination is trying to protect by all means