2 April 2012

Just Words


I like a long slow burn

I like it on top

I like you on top too
Get on top let me breathe
Lets talk in tongues woman

Lets mix our juices

Til they taste real nice

Let’s talk in tongues

Just like the angels do

Some words bear repeating

And others take some beating

Words like love and hate

Words that have some weight

Words that bear repetition

Like they’re ammunition

They fuck with the mind

And won’t be confined

To sentimental prose

Cause they land like blows

Words like fuck and cunt

We deliver with a grunt

Words that bear repetition

Explode like nuclear fission

Some people get a shock

From written words like cock

But they’re just words you see

And they belong to you and me


  1. Brilliant! My unreserved compliments. I completely agree and remain in fascination of the power of your speech

  2. Praveen Parasar2 April 2012 at 14:33

    Powerful Words..so convincing.....

  3. I just like using dirty words

  4. last few lines are as simply sharp as that steel blade... words, we make so many impression of them in our mind...all the time.