27 March 2012

The Sun Lovers


Strange, beautiful, fluorescent, children bask in the sun with the heavenly stone weighing on their lids. I was once one of you. In days gone by my youthful friends and I – loaded with beer and weed – would worship the sun as our sister star. We’d frolic in days that went on forever and pledge friendships that would never end. There is a time in every child’s life when they are like a flower in full bloom. Natives of the sun, when summers are eternal – and fun is like worship of the child within. We learned to laugh and love with no inhibitions, no jealous restrictions. We’d talk all night with our hearts in our hands – we’d talk until dawn making impossible plans. I wish I was nineteen and on a heavy stone – I’d dance in the sunshine – I’d love without reservation. I’d make mistakes do doubt, but that’s what life is all about.



  1. The brightly colored sweetness of nostalgia burgeoning in an ambiance of sublime beauty brings a kind of joyful melancholia and a smile to the eternally young

  2. My youth was so wild, wonderful and full of joy - those loving friendships endure in my heart forever. Those innocent adventures linger on in my imagination and I'm nineteen forever.