1 March 2012

On Day One


Words from the sky god

Float down like golden bricks

To clang heavily in the brain pans

Of the prophets of the ages

With profound resonances

And solemn intonation

There was fire in these words

Their smoke is the kind

That tangles with your mind

He said, “Red”

And there was red

He said “Blue….

And it was too…

He painted the world

In six days

And on the seventh

Cleaned his brushes

In the sink he’d painted

On day one



  1. There is more than philosophy in your touch, there is music and that speaks the lingo of the nonchalant gods :*

  2. It is not lovely it is a superb poem, made in the heavens!

  3. There was that touch and tone of gold in your poems.
    You have removed the L in Gold,
    in your poems,
    since Natasa is there.