21 March 2012



Subject to the lesser infinities and circumspect in our aspirations we are limited by our own dreams. The trajectories of our imaginations are hobbled by adherence to vegetable apparatus. In the indifference of our wilderness – in the emptiness of our dreams – we have found a home where all things are simulated – all things are the same.

The modern world demands the absence of difference and against our better judgment we are dragged into the modern kicking and squealing that we like this, but not that. We worship difference while we stab and hack at its roots. We will only be happy when difference is dead and all things being equal – all things are the same. The genius that drives innovation offers us fantastic liberty, but at the cost of discrimination. We hang out like weary spectators to the invention of the modern and the entropic movement of civilization towards the toilet. The modern is the most degrading phase of history – the most eclectic and fictitious simulation of reality. Alienation, conformity and standardization are the hallmarks of the dehumanizing banality of the dog culture that collapses in on its self like a broken deck chair.

Only empty things come from that land to the west. Only archetypes and chimeras cross the ocean in vast projections that simulate the mythic tales of salesmen and snake charmers. They have turned us into voyeurs wanking helplessly into the chalice of dreams. They stole from us the stories from which we built a culture and sold them back to us in cuneiform jackets with advertising slots sewn into their pockets.


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  1. How unique these postulates enter our logic, dynamising the stagnation mechanism of civilization