26 March 2012

The Mothership


The Mothership will fly just like it always does – it’ll take us away – far away – to the land of love. We’ll pilot her to into the unseen dimensions between the cardiac attack and heavens gates. We’ll float between the fragile paradox of existence and the immortal shell of death’s frozen acres. This trip is a wonder of incalculable fractions – a division of infinite numbers. We bend science on our golden machine into the unknown and the unknowable. A thousand Einstein’s could not calibrate the trajectory of our momentum. The Mothership will take us where she will; according to the dictates of our hearts. We are headed beyond the infinite, beyond the imaginings of men, into the spaces between the spaces between. We have been without and within – flashing through space and time on our golden machine. The Mothership knows everything, she will take us everywhere we want to go, teach us all we need to know.



  1. What energy in this fascination and mystery of mankind

  2. We are the mystery - we are the miracle - we need no mythical being from some palace in the sky. The human heart is more than enough to account for our miracle