12 March 2012



My world has grown grey

Coloured by my deceits

An all round man

An artisan of lies

Which converge at a point

Beyond all reason

Into arrows and spears

That pierce my flesh

Those self deceptions

That made life bearable

And the little white lies

That greased the wheels

The great black lies

That covered my guilt

Have returned to haunt

My waking hours

And scatter my dreams

Into the unbearable dawn



  1. Indefinitely thrilled. These rare moments when one satisfies the gods, the avid reader, with more than crafted words, and this is one of those instances that touches the nerve with the most delicate instrument of living art

  2. How human your poems is with the foibles of man....struggling....

  3. Thank you both very much - I try to write about genuine emotion - I may not always succeed, but I try.

  4. this one pulled me right along straight to the last line. Great poem.

  5. You are really a wonderful poet... this one is another thriller in collection...:)...\m/...