29 March 2012

Dogs & Cats


At the end even death

Will lie in its sleep

Why not give it a glim?

When the best of intentions

Simply peter out

How all our dreams slither away

Sensing waves of terror

At the appointed hour

The fear opens

A whole new can of worms

Bring out your dead

Grandbag’s bedside

I knew he was dying

When he forgot my name

The world is full

Of cats and dogs

Which are you?

Makes no difference

We all die

Life costs more

Than we can pay

One more (or less)

For the bone pile

One more day

Is all I ask

One more day

To bask in the sun

To tie up my affairs

And post them to Fujiyama

The mountain of ghosts

Hangs high on the horizon

Many miles away

Very far to climb

The tombs of our ancestors

Are empty

Except for bones

Fit for dogs to chew

Dog or cat – which are you?

When it comes to you

Will you screech or whine?

I’ll bargain for more time,

But then I’ll make do



  1. The click clack of life so fabulously played with chills and yet the young voice of defiance making its symphony loud

  2. I will depart without a whimper or whine