25 March 2012



Over in lizard city

The girls sit pretty

They lounge around

Their skins well browned

With carnivorous smiles

They practice womanly wiles

They get stoned in the heat

While they gorge on man meat

Meaner than a sack of rattlesnakes

They play for the highest stakes

Most of them are highly strung

They bask like sharks and eat their young

They like black eyeliner and nickel plate guns

They save their ammo for setting sons

That cherry red lipstick spreads like blood

On every boy and would be stud

They got a billion dollars in nickels and dimes

Saved against the risk of harder times

They’ll take you down to Chinatown –

Show you how to keep a good man down

They’re all simply mad about the boys

And treat them like they were toys

With carrion breath they suck them in

Never to be seen as boys again


1 comment:

  1. What a rich writing, the drama in that Romanesque scene of creatures from the real world fascinates with all the colors and shades of the spiritual ghetto in all its sickening and arousing tones