24 March 2012

City Of Gold


I want to live in a city where no-one knows my name.   I want a place with a pulse, because I’m awake now and I need some action – don’t try to hold me down cause I’m all fuelled up and ready to go. Don’t look to closely ‘cause I’m liable to hypnotise ya. I got too much momentum to be confined – I rattle the bars of my own cage – they can’t hold me; I’m on a mission, I’m an escapee. You know freedom can be counter intuitive? If you’re gonna do the things you want to – you don’t take control – you learn to let go. Are you only going through the emotions? If you ever feel differently, look me up in my city of gold.


1 comment:

  1. What uniquely imaginative way of transporting the reader into parallel consciousness, waking, some words are more than spoken, the open new worlds