5 March 2012



From the state of ignorance to the land of bliss is a short leap of faith. It’s hamburger heaven for the polyguttonous worshippers of the fat loaded masters of conspicuous consumption. Impurities in our drugs force us to worship mammon in the most obscene and wanton fashion. Life in the Pleasure Dome has become Dante’s holiday camp. Everything once precious is tainted by greed and fractured by incessant desire. The drive to satiate our hunger makes cannibals of us all. We are cursed by our own wealth – we sold out for buying power.

All across the world they sell prepackaged death – in cigarettes and liquor, carbon monoxide, plutonium, drugs and in bullets and bombs - A million deadly devices to murder our children with. We are easy prey to their poison. They laced the fabric of consumption with copious quantities of hydrocyanic death. We sold our souls the day we let greed into our hearts. We sold ourselves short when we decided he were just little people. The canker eats at us like worms inside our heads. Our lilies have festered. Our houses have burned down – The ashes fill our mouths and cover our eyes. We have no peace of mind – no place to turn where comfort might be found. We became worm food. Somebody should plant us in the ground.



  1. Shockingly incisive demonstration. Incredible piece on this primary concept. Such powerful anti-metaphysical perspective. Almost plastic portrayal of the new being constructed in the tragic clockwork mechanism of waste creation. From the perception to the act of living, in the dark ambient of perpetual repetition, life in this machine of demolition desires disfigures the inert pawns, exactly as described

  2. Praveen Parasar5 March 2012 at 17:02

    This agony has grown across the globe and by the time we would realize this, we might end up with not even that piece of ground to get planted in... Though a hope lives at the edge. piercing lines are these...

  3. Gloria Rodikis6 March 2012 at 00:28

    Its an interesting poem!