27 March 2012

Ape Man


I can’t sleep at night, I’m wound too tight – there’s so much to do and so little time. If I ever I met my maker I’ll ask him why life is so short and fraught with pain. I suspect though, that we’ll never meet; that I don’t need his hand and I don’t need to understand. Freedom to think is something real. Don’t accept substitutes and don’t accept candy from no-one – search for the facts, before you throw them away. The facts never mattered anyway. I don’t believe all that I read. I take it all with a pinch of salt. Words are good, but can mislead. Some stories are just stories, some stories are true and some stories are just lies. Others may signify greater meaning, but I don’t believe a word

We’re a mass of contradictions, generating conflict and confusion over the emotional battlefields that scar the surfaces of our heavens. Emotion is what your body feels about what your head thinks. The thoughts in your head and the feelings in your body, that’s you. Your psyche is an abstraction, a construct of your thoughts. Your heart is what pumps your blood; those feelings in your chest are the result of neuro-chemistry and the stimuli from your brain. Your soul is a metonym for consciousness. Let’s face facts - you are an organism, an animal, but you are, nonetheless, miraculous. You’re the product of millions of years of evolution monkey boy. Evolution is about survival – the conquest of death.

Every successful evolutionary adaption affords greater control over our environment; it’s the process of perfecting living. Ironically death plays a pivotal role in this process; weeding out the weak and allowing the better adapted to reproduce and pass on their useful traits like strength, intelligence and altruism, but the truth is that our lions lay with lambs – so long as their stomachs are full. We are carnivorous by nature and killing is natural to human kind. No matter what you do; it has a hold on you. You are an intelligent animal, but you are an animal. You were not made in God’s image, but in the image of your simian ancestors. Buried beneath your veneer of civilization you are an ape with all the tribal instincts of an ape. Now just how deeply buried you simian instincts are is up to you – are you an instinctive, reactive creature with volatile emotions? Or are you a thinker who weighs the appropriate actions and outcomes before you react? In short – just how evolved are you?



  1. Love the radical modern influence of this caliber. The institutional evolution of the social beast implied in such originally laconic way :)

  2. It's so easy to write about the divine and about God and nature - it's fucking lazy if you ask me - especially as its all mythology

  3. If evolution is about survival, then where are nature's tears for T Rex? But evolution is not about anything. Only Masrxists believe history is going somewhere. Only Nazis believe that the race is to the strong. Evolution is not a journey, it's a dance. Shiva's dance.

    I prefer to believe that evolution is about creating new forms of beauty. And a way of burying our mistakes. Most of the critters ive met don't want to survive - they want to thrive! Even grass seeks greener pastures. So I think evolution is about the emergence of generosity and poetry.

    I have no problem with being an ape though i despise our gossiping simian ways. One of the gifts of our evolution has been the power to choose our own totems. Forget monkey. Wolf is good.

  4. Thank you for your most intelligent comments Harry my friend. They only go to prove that there's nothing of the monkey about you sir.