31 March 2012

All the monsters came out tonight


All I need is time. I want to live forever. There is so much to do and I just need the time to do it, now that I finally know what needs to be done. I need to cleanse the monkey in my soul. I’ll never go further than too far. She said 100,000 poets would rise up in the land and that art was the only truly noble vocation, but comfortable truths are usually lies. A man, a real man, has more love in him than he has hate. Upright as the corn stalks - home is for heroes and ripe for the threshing. All the monsters came out tonight - elephant men – parasites; ask Google - he knows everything. I didn’t see them, not at first, I didn’t see them, or I would have turned away. My blood blanched like refrigerator juice and drained into my sink. I hate this place and everything in it.

Are our lives carved by giant hands in some great white building thousands of miles away - Or by some omnipotent being in the sky? Perhaps they are shaped by the minutiae of our everyday lives. Perhaps we captain our own destinies and if it all fucks up we only have ourselves to blame. I’m back in the dog house with my mouth full of wasps. My words are poison, my gestures are lost. I have my weapons close at hand and a return ticket in my pocket.


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  1. I feel like I know the place. Point to focus latently turned in the direction of the core. What admirable piece of writing