3 March 2012



Nourished in the warm rays of the golden sun

Nurtured in the easy days of quiet rejoicing


Upright as the corn stalks

Ripe for the threshing

Home for the hero

Of a million tiny escapades

Cushioned in the micro system

You want to change


Stranded in the warm rays of the sinking sun

Somnambulist of simple days of quiet reflection


Dig for your meat

Sing for your supper

Surrender the hero

Of a million tiny scrapes

Secluded in the suburbs

It’s time for change


Abandoned to the withering rays of a burning sun

Abolished to the dark days of quiet despair


Image ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ by William Blake



  1. The change goes full circle as the sun metamorphoses from a golden orb, through a sinking one, to a burning star. The words drip with meanings that are at times paradisal, at times hellish but always stirring. The contrast is quite effective, the language woven with rich and colorful fabric. It's a lovely piece of poetry

  2. Just in time for Lent...