27 February 2012

Walking Shoes


The gunslingers claim their kills

In the name of experience

Psycho’s claim them in the name of love

That love gun is always loaded

Ready to point blank

Any and every one of us

Who wanders into sight

Me – I got mojo matic for my blues

A killer app for the weary and wary

I got John le Conqueror root for my shoes

I don’t step on snakes unless I have too

I got no space for small talk

Nonsense just clutters my brain

I avoid the bearers of old news

I’d cut my tongue out before I’d talk to you

It’s nothing personal

It’s you

There’s a bad vibe around here

And you are the prime suspect

So before you chalk me up

As your latest chump

Let me ask you

Are those your walking shoes?



  1. Wunderbar. Your signature writing, so cathartic and cool. Adore it on so many levels!

    1. I was inspired by my friend Richard Parker

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