26 February 2012


Cats and dogs swing by candle light
Their burned spoons and droppers
Strewn around the bitten carpet
Evidence that the war on drugs
Was misdirected and prohibition
Makes criminals of playful fools
Grip that lace in your teeth
Prepare for the blood's release
Skin it up in the ancient ceremony
Of shared smiles and wasted eyes
The chuckle brothers and sisters
Make mockery of legislation
Designed to cramp groovy times
And herd the rebellious spirit
Into corals of tedious libations
Of jungle juice and firewater
That burn the loosened tongue
With fighting talk and solemn lies
Accidents and emergencies
Clumsily gotten on battlefields
Of limited consciousness
And animal ferocity
Nine out of ten cats
Choose nature’s bounty
Of sacred roots
And forbidden foliage
The poppies tears
The magic resin
Universal panaceas
For whatever ails you
In the constrictions
Of your daily lives
The price of temporary freedom
In little dime bags

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