29 February 2012

Flat Face


Every now and then

I fall flat on my face

The perfect pancake

Bloody nose

And broken spirit

But I like to live that way

No safety net

No precautions

I like the thrill

Of tumbling and falling

I love the lack of control

Perfect nudity brings

Like an auger of disaster

And romantic folly

I like my liquid change

With a good head on it

And a bitter taste

Like life in a butcher’s shop

No remorse

No tears

No sad reflections

In fractured mirrors

Just the perfect symmetry

Of absolute chaos



  1. Wow! The "auger of disaster" is my favorite phrase. John, I really like this one. What a powerful truth that a great many of us usually can't face.

  2. This should be written in a shrine built to men that live, live like lions. MASTERPIECE!

  3. last two lines are just awesome!!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments - they are most appreciated