4 February 2012

Entertaining Angels

Fervex vixens bite bigger boys
Drawing blood in the afternoon
It’s playtime for playthings
In the naked arena of boredom
Cast offs and casualties
Graze like bovine cannibals
There is an exclusive club for punk bitches
Who never hold back
Because there's never enough
And a gourd full of anything
Is better than a handful of nothing
Fill your fists – this is unarmed combat
For the lonesome and amorous
The last of the Casanovas
Coughs and rolls over
His syphilitic root
Burns in his conscious erection
His truck stop girls
Never satisfy his ravenous infection
It’s the game of life
Dog fuck dog
Bitter candy
Dished out by strangers
The casualties of love
Dance alone


  1. What a piece! I read it ten times and still crave it. Its so fearsome, it draws blood. Line by line of concentrated substance with monumental power of profiling. Deep respect and admiration

  2. What a poem! Excesses... the spirit may only be untouched if it doe not suffocate...lol ... More... More ...lol

  3. Hey, Warrior Poet, I love your zest and the smoothness of your flow. In this era of anaemic lines, it's really refreshing!