22 February 2012

East Of Eden


I’m back in the dog house

My mouth is full of wasps

These words are poison

My gestures are lost

In wild and defiant excess

Send me into exile

Like Adam’s boy Cain

Twenty five years of barbed wire

Hangs around my neck

Had my dry shave

From my cut throat razor

Had my long stretch

On my hangman’s noose

There’s gonna be a party

Far East of Eden

All the sinners and heathens

Gonna kick up some dust

There’ll be blood spilled that night

New sins will be invented

In the hours before dawn

Cast me outlaw

Knock me over

Gun me down

Make me a martyr

With a beggar’s crown


Illustration by William Blake “Cain & Abel”



  1. Applause! Phenomenally powerful. The way you stir the blood with every stroke of genius.

  2. Yeah brother, me & the boys' wanna be at that party too ;~)