2 February 2012

Black Butterflies


are your bowls colanders?

do you have holes?

do you leak like a haemophiliac?

the zombie Jesus

will resurrect you

and cleanse the monkey in your soul


there are

freak shows in the cities

and outdoor asylums

where black butterflies

blot out the midday sun


lucky thirteen juice

bingo liniment

mixed with mojo oil

to renew your skin


lucky cat Incense

high john roots

burned by insane bokors

who never go further

than too far

in vegas

you can have happy endings

but they cost a little extra



  1. Genius. The smugglers voice with a kind of backstreet harlequin storyteller enigma is remarkably effective introducing the reader with the twilight ghetto of the underworld of alien ambitious urban wanderers

  2. Stephanie Holmes6 February 2012 at 16:36

    Mind mystifying and haunting rapture running like water through my faucet