10 January 2012

Revolutionary State of Mind


In the revolutionary state of mind

I hoist the bloody banners

Beat the savage drums

Pour myself another gun

And pledge allegiance

To the international brotherhood

Of random allegiance pledgers

Fragile subsidiary guttersnipes

Who channel radiation loaded

Slogans through long suffering

Sentinel letterboxes

Measuring the tiny dramas

Playing out in the world

Beyond those curtained windows


Shine my black boots

Put on my black shirt

Burn it all down to the ground

You can please yourself

But some fool’s gonna get it

Spilled guts in the Disney abattoir

Defining the lateral equation

Between leisure and suffering

Women and children are always first

To taste the ashes of funeral pyres

An iron curtain has descended

Across my blackened heart

It maps the interior executions

Of my limited conscience

And the simulated death

Of my innocence



  1. You are an exceptional author of the age. The cardinal chaos lifted from beneath the patina with such admirably strong verse. Indiscrete invasion. Totally my cup of tea. My compliments on the brave verse

  2. Thank you Lolita, your approbation is very much appreciated, especially as it comes from such a gifted writer as yourself.