28 January 2012

Love Bomb

Why don’t you come on over and detonate my love bomb? I’ve been waiting for a woman like you to rock my boat. You’re democratically sexy baby – everybody wants you, but no-one really knows you – not like I do. I know the child inside the woman and the mother in the child. I’ve seen the genie in your bottle. I know your secret schemes, I know your fears, and I know your dreams. I know them all so well for they’re the same as mine. So light my fuse and blow my mind – detonate my love bomb – it’s time for our big bang – let’s get this show started and let our stars collide.


  1. Booom! I love the indecent way this provoking piece is tickling the trigger. You are danger.

  2. Thank you Lolita - you are my inspiration