20 January 2012

Big Bang


It all began with my big bang

That sudden realization

Of the loose arrangement

That binds the race

In instinctual obligation


I was fully funemployed

In the summer of my daydreams

Picking she loves me knots – buttercups

With no thought for tomorrows

Tomorrows never come

Cast me out

I have a dreamer’s disease

Fleet of feet

I am a philistine

And a cannibal


My light comes from within

I got a cut rate education

Stolen from between the sheets

Of borrowed books

I’m an autodidactic

Musical hall visionary

In the insane old business

Called slow business


I learned in my big bang

During the secret war

Of the loose configuration

That binds the race

Into mutually assured destruction


The charm has since worn thin

The antidote to glamour

Is working for a living

Everything is hard work

Slacking is the hardest of all

Mind numbing boredom

Scoops your insides out

Fills the spaces with dust



  1. I absolutely admire this radical literary strategy, the mastery to penetrate through self exposure the negative of the contemporary citizen mental photograph. Didactic in a fancy nonchalant way.

  2. That's me, fancy, but nonchalant ;)