4 December 2011

The Sea of Souls


Fuck 'em - they are already dead in their minds - living out an argument long settled by history. Their future is in the past – how much more dead can you get? The dream died, but it died of natural causes – I don’t know when - they gave it no stone.

What’s the point in discussing it? These people can never change their perspectives. No, rhetoric is their game - they already know the answers to all their questions; logos, pathos, and ethos - these guys are sophists - their minds are not open. They seek to persuade – not to learn... It’s all about identity and reinforcement – you are what you believe you are. They are motivated not by the things they love, but by the things that they hate. Broken – everything is broken and the others broke it. The only solution is to break everything that’s left and start over again. They have problems, they have solutions, but they have no soul.

I might die if one of them said something original - it would be like a spear through my head. I don't think communication can be wasted time - everything is useful - I just find it so very predictable sometimes. Did I say it died? Did I say it never was? Did I fart in church? Well stick that in your collider scope and puff. I’m not a believer – I don’t believe in gods – I don’t believe in ideologies, but I believe in love. I believe in love; not in the abstract, but in living, breathing, fleshy, heartfelt, human, love. I believe in actions, not words. Love is natures call to action - love is the voice of my soul.

I wasn’t born with a soul, I carved one from experience. Our non-corporeal essence is a figment of fairy tales, the product of wishful thinking. We shall not survive ourselves, we are not immortal. The soul is a construct – an abstraction of our experience – it can’t be measured, it can’t be weighed. It is not real in any physical sense – the concept of an insubstantial substance is an oxymoron. The soul is an act of imagination. You need imagination and feeling to grow a soul in the garden of your mind. Without imagination and feeling you’ll never have soul.

Not everyone has a soul. Some were too cheap, too scared, or just too lazy to get themselves one and simply went for an off the peg identity; they pass their second hand clothes off as their own. Some had a soul and lost it. They did not tend their gardens and their souls were strangled by weeds, or they poisoned their flowers with bitter thoughts and their soul gardens shriveled and withered until they were deserts populated by ghosts.

Some people confuse their feelings with soul. Their emotions feel so tangible that they imagine they are real, but your psyche is an abstraction, a construct of your thoughts. Your soul is a metonym for consciousness. Let’s face facts - you are an organism, an animal, but you are, nonetheless, miraculous.

It’s time to set sail on the Sea of Souls, time to find those roots in the cosmic tree. It’s time to discover those constantly repeating and changing patterns in the yesternow. Flush your head clean of all thought and feel your way out of the sewer into the sunlight. Steer away from hysteria, dissociation, split personalities; away from mental illness, soul sickness. Harvest the energy that flows from music and leaks from books. Tap those axons and neurons that connect us to the stars - stop trying to be holy and learn to be whole.


  1. If ever I felt completely taken by storm of realization and gently released into freedom it was in the moment of reading this perfect literary answer to the handicaps of humanity. Your brilliance and passion is unparalleled, no writer before was this exciting and profound and selflessly dedicated to excellence of thought, independent and original

  2. I'm always amazed at your lucid way you point out the worlds perpetual personal dilemma's and lack of heart & soul