12 November 2011

Night Swimmer


Caught in the undertow

Torn by the current

The night swimmer

Struggles against the weight of water

That drags his weary limbs

And draws the heat from his pale body

Thrashing panic gives way to plaintive cries

Every stroke takes him further from the shore

His agonies are muted by the water filling his lungs

As he drifts down into the darkness of the deep

Limp and lifeless, eyes unblinking, unseeing, stare blankly

Into the emptiness of the abyss – inert, unfeeling

His journey is ended – no more lonely nights, no more tears

Did he come here to flirt with death?

Was that thought in his mind

When he made that fateful decision

To go night swimming?



  1. Scary and vivid in its description of how a live loses itself into the dark depths of the sea. Excellent work. :)

  2. Days before I sat on the shore of that very loch with a young woman. We talked about the dangerous undertow which would drag the unsuspecting out into its depths.She told me her brother nearly drowned there. I told her of the local legend that a monster lives beneath the waves. That weekend I learned the loch had taken my friend.

  3. It's trilling experience to read this absolute dark jewel and dive in the state nightmarish eye opening sub-existence where our impulses come in touch with the nature and the terror of our minds grasping its enormous powers

  4. I have imagined this many times. I wonder why he was swimming out there - out of his head on drink and drugs. I'm convinced he was flirting with death - a dangerous game. I miss him still, he was my friend.