5 November 2011

My Monster


He’s a monster

But he’s my monster

I spent a lifetime

Waiting for his apocalypse

When you have nowhere to go

You retreat within

I have seen things

He has never seen

Not everything that happens

Happens for a reason

There are so many things that happen

That really have no cause

But my monster plays the blame game

He believes in retribution



  1. I love your spirit of rebellion and the clean cut to the matter of the matter. Reading you one is awarded inevitable purification. Marvelous

  2. At least you're aware of your monster. It's the folks who don't realize they have one that are dangerous.

    Have you read William Bly's 'The Long Bag We Drag Behind Us'? It could be a nice companion to your piece.

  3. Thank you Lolita & Spencer. Its true that we all have monsters in us. We either learn to deal with them, or we let them destroy us. Of course monsters take on many guises - most often they will convince us our vices are virtues and visa versa - tricky things monsters. I'll look out for that William Bly piece - thanks Spencer.