24 November 2011

If You Could…

The part of you that doesn’t speak
Sleeps hollow on your shoulder
Always on the brink of discovery
Awaits the night to hide your shame
Feels the things you think you should
You’d eat the cancer if you could

But everything is
As everything was
There is only one story
One story since the dawn
Love and then betrayal
Triumph and then despair
The story of the ages
Written on the pages of your heart

The part of you that’s going wrong
Teeters on the edge of expression
Then sinks back into the dust
You let the night conceal your pain
But it doesn’t do much good



  1. Very powerful poem, deeply moving, but from the gut, not of sentimentality, but of real clean truths told in a beautiful voice

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Lolita.
    I'm ever trying to capture the raw emotions of the moment and never able to pin them down with words, but I try.