8 October 2011



I got a belly full of snakes that twist and coil in a sickening flux of nostalgia and regret. There is an ocean of surging breakers crashing against my heart like great tsunamis of shit and vomit. Each ebb and flow of the tide brings resurgent flotsam of remorse and shame. Each wave burns acidic into my recoiling psyche. Somehow I surf those oceanic waves, tottering on my board, balanced like a drunk on a tightrope. In my circus the high wire act are suicides and the clowns are psychopathic killers. The sword swallower has cut his throat and bleeds into the sawdust as he gurgles the details of my every disgrace. The snake charmer has seven deadly vipers each named for my sins, seven deadly venoms that course though my body to poison my thoughts and twist my emotions into grotesque and bitter shapes.

Image: The Medusa Rondanini



  1. You play this amazing instrument that leave stunning scenes flashing before the eyes of the reader as he begins to see truly and fantastically emotionally in the prism speared through his heart with such mercy and human depth, the true magic of an artist that dares

  2. Thank you Lolita. I try my best to describe that dysphoric tension that punctuates the seasons. I'm sure that it is a thing everyone experiences sometime. I hope I have captured it in some small measure.