31 October 2011



This is how the axis turns

The curve of your hips

The smile on your lips

This is the last place on Earth

The flowers grow

The moth men of Mars train for war

But the children of Venus are made for love

In our garden green an eternal summer shines

The soft rain of long dog days washes away the dust

Of constant destruction and reconstruction

But we are timeless in our wild haven


My wicked tongue speaks of sin and delight

On the shores of a silver sea

Where all is permitted under heaven

All is open to the lovers of life

Nothing is forbidden to you and I

Sacred Ravens fly in the great circle

Carrion birds picking clean the bones

Of old ways and customs

Our children sing in new dimensions

Of the coming of the king



  1. I absolutely love it! Its aesthetic creme de la creme and tre intuitive

  2. Thank you Lolita - so glad that you enjoyed