22 September 2011

Sticky Brown Shit



This here is the sticky brown shit

From the mountains of Afghanistan

Processed in the pleasure domes

Of the mythic Xanadu

Once you touch it

You cannot put it down

It will send you into orbit

On a silver strand of ecstasy

Smoke it and watch

The diamonds roll from your eyes

Lick it from the spoon

And you will float off to Venus

On gossamer balloons

Whatever you want

I can turn you on

I breed crack monsters

And puff whores

You know why they call it blow

Don’t you?

Because it will blow your mind

It will send you radio rental

It’ll squeeze your lemons

Until you cry

It’ll melt your bones

It’ll bleed you dry



  1. I'm enchanted by the sensual and hyperactively rich apocalyptic sequences flashing through in a storm of poetic images and sensations that transport to a dimension of the deadly beautiful landscape of hedonist sufferings and poison sipping eels swimming in the thick intoxicating blood of mirages filling the readers imaginarium.

  2. Whew - I'm just glad I could supply the trip Lolita - that's lavish praise, thank you.

  3. Always. You bring such great artistic pleasure, it's hard to remain cold and quiet in the response