29 September 2011



Is there life before death

For the Facebook fantasist?

Can you become a goddess,

A revenant vampire,

Shape shifting lycanthrope,

Or a poet – philosopher

Phantom publisher,

Or a movie producer

From the comfort of your own keyboard?

Is life reduced to an onanistic fantasy

Pre digested for modern man

And picked from the shelf

Of your Amazon wish list?

‘I am a druidic snake charmer,

The high priestess of Isis’

Is ‘I am’ the only qualification needed

For a rainbow of delusional existence

In a fabricated simulation of a life?

I read it somewhere – therefore I am.

If you adopt a fictional identity,

Do you become a fiction?

Do you live the lie you love?

Do you become the lie you live?



  1. Yes, you do, you erase yourself. I can't even utter the fascination from your incredible work in this piece of fundamental moving force aiming through the cranium. It was high time to ask ourselves are we even here

  2. the technological revolutions have enabled many such strange feats of transformation. are we behind the times? we who believe in books and words in anger? we who feel the stroller's feet in pamphlets to adore? we who whisper words of love in night notes to imbibe? perhaps the boundaries of normalization are just shifting... great write, deft precision....

  3. Thank you both, I do feel out of step with the fantastical vanity of the new age - while I embrace its possibilities - I'm amazed by the ubiquity of wannabes and posers that seem to cheapen achievement and effort - who have replaced learning with adoption.

  4. Thank you Stephanie - coming from you that means a lot.

  5. I think the difference between what you have described and your own usage is simply to employ it as a venue of 'self expression' as opposed to '(self) deception'. Well done and expressed, John.

  6. Absolutely Ray - a huge difference between scholarship and self expression and creating a borrowed identity.