14 September 2011

On My List


I made a list

Of folk I will not miss

You are at the top

I’d place the pennies on your eyes

I’d dance on your grave

If I only gave a shit

I’ll remember you

As someone I can’t recollect

So don’t come round here

Looking for absolution

I don’t get off on forgive and forget

I won’t turn another cheek

From now on I do unto others

Before they do unto me

Jesus wants me for a smoke screen

But I won’t fall for that

If the meek inherit the earth

It’ll be because it’s fucked

Just like you are



  1. I just had the most chatartic experience. I feel like standing ovations. You rule!

  2. Powerful
    I have at least one or two I feel the same about..

  3. I think we all have a list Cal, even if we won't admit it.