28 September 2011

Leaving Here Today


Gonna leave this planet boy

This place is killing me

I gotta get outta here

Gotta make myself free

I hate the people here

And their mindless brutality

They’re full of hate and fear

They just will not let me be

So I gotta get away

They’re too cool to believe in god

But they fear him anyway

Can’t face no firing squad

I’m leaving here today

They kill and then applaud

As if they were at play

Humanity has been outlawed

I don’t think that I can stay



  1. You focused your sharp lenses so well on the hard sequences stubbing our emotional tissue in the tumultuous ever changing never changing whirlpools of the human world. Your work is always in the bulls eye, always allowing some purification of the battered spirit, like breathing after battle. It got me

  2. Thank you Lolita. Another one that scans like a lyric - a tone of resigned defiance to it I think.

  3. this piece is very well written. it really speaks to anyone who reads it. i feel just the same about the world and human kind. an escape of some sort would be great.