16 September 2011

Child Of The Light


When first I saw the light

It seared white in my eyes

And opened them to the sky

It burned all my woes to ash

All weight was lifted from me

And I realized for the first time

I could fly like a bird

I keep sunshine in my pockets

So that I can step light

I keep music in my heart

So I can concentrate on feeling fine

My bio luminescence keeps me right

I am now a rainbow and the universe

Is reflected in my myriad colours

I am a child of the light

Stars shine from my eyes

My head is filled with the cosmic

And I tread the path of righteousness

For my own names sake



  1. Divine! You are such source of invigorating energy. Sometimes I feel your beauty alone could revive this old planet

  2. This is a marvelous poem. Inspiring and beautiful ♥