19 September 2011

The Beast Within


The people who live in the dark

plot their schemes on invisible charts

Intrigue and unsavory intent

Sustain the bitterness and bile

That bends their worlds out of shape

They crawl on their bellies beneath

a darker sun

Servants to the lesser gods

Twisted beyond reason

Wronged by the world

The worms that eat at their insides

whisper a litany of injustice

and call for revenge served neat

on dirty broken platters

Who taught these dogs to bite?

Who placed such hatred in their hearts?

Was it Satan? Or was it mom?

Who placed the mantle of corruption

on their shoulders

and anointed their brows with spite?

Who knows – who cares

where the beast within was born?


Illustration by William Blake



  1. Exceptional accomplishment in advance thought. You produce an emotional riot. Your art is sublime.

  2. Grazie Lolita, most appreciated.